ClaimNote is an intuitive and easy to use online collaboration tool for patents.
Manage and analyse your patent portfolio efficiently.

How ClaimNote Works

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  • Create a case for each project
  • Automatic patent import
  • Make notes
  • Assign labels
  • Add relevant links and documents
  • Collaborate
Time Saving

Time Saving

  • Get your project up and running within seconds
  • Add lists of patent numbers – ClaimNote imports patents in seconds
  • Navigate between jobs/projects/cases at the click of a button
  • Create and export case reports – no need to reformat to read and share
  • Rapid intelligent searching across all your cases
  • More time to focus on your IP project review, analysis and management
  • See instantly:
    • If you have previously reviewed a patent
    • If a patent appears in any of your cases. Just click and review


  • Invite colleagues to collaborate on your cases
  • Choose the required level of access for each collaborator, from admin to read only
  • ClaimNote regularly updates changes to patents in EPO database
  • ClaimNote gives everyone the same information so collaborators always work on the most recent version of all case material
  • See changes at a glance:
    • New cases
    • New collaborators
    • Changes made by collaborators
    • Pattents added by collaborators
    • New updates


  • Your information is more secure
  • You decide who has access to each case
  • Avoid costly errors:
    • No need for complicated spreadsheets
    • No need for multiple versions of documents
    • Reduce user typos such as wrong patent numbers, dates or assignees
    • No need for endless email chains where your information runs the risk of being sent to the wrong person